About Us

Soul Chants Music
The Soul Chants Music label is part of the Krishnamurthy Tandon Foundation. The focus of Soul Chants Music is to build bridges between cultures and create harmony through music – using ancient Indian sacred texts and hymns as a base.

Soul Chants Music currently houses the body of work for Grammy nominee Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon. Over the next few years, the label will add other artists who represent this innovative genre of cross-world music with roots in spirituality.

All net proceeds of Soul Chants Music go towards benefiting organizations in the field of education, arts, health and healing, and spirituality.  Since its inception, Soul Chants Music has partnered with over 40 institutions with free concerts, music demonstrations, and CD support. The organizations include universities, hospitals, and other incredible NGOS doing meaningful work  in the US and India. Soul Chants has also supported many traditional musicians in India as they have worked on Soul Chants Music projects – to conduct research or perform the music.